Why does MineOS need root, /etc/shadow

Hi, trying out MineOS on existing Fedora machine. I always run all services (inc minecraft servers) as non-root. The readme states that MineOS needs root to authenticate against the shadow database. Pardon me but that is not cool. I assume authentication is used by the webui to allow admin logins? OK but what reason on earth is there for this to require access to /etc/shadow ?

Is there any way to just have some usernames/passwords in a MineOS config file?


This is where the passwords are.

And back then, I found that tapping into this was easy/much more readily able to allow me to go back to dev of the webui, rather than learn complex pam modules.

The alternative is running MineOS in docker, where running it as root is exposing none of your other production system processes.

MineOS also runs mc servers as non-root. If the webui process (service) isn’t owned by root, it has no way to create java processes for those non-root users.

If you have any recommendations on how using a plaintext config file with usernames and passwords will let a process create subprocesses owned by unprivileged users, please do let me know and I can write some code to accommodate.