WebUI Super Lag Issue FIX (for some)


This won’t apply to all, but I wanted to post here that I’ve stumbled upon a fix for the issue of the crazy lag so many people have with the WebUI. It started for me when I was running my server using the Turnkey Linux solution. It got so bad that the interface absolutely couldn’t even be accessed beyond logging in. Once logged in, it was completely hit or miss that a server might even show in the interface, and if it did, there was nothing that could be done with it. No buttons worked, nothing showed in the console on the log page, etc.

So I set up a second Turnkey MineOS (I’m running VMware ESXi), did some testing, and the interface was nice and responsive. I proceeded with migrating the server over to the new Turnkey MineOS. It was still responsive until I either reloaded MineOS or rebooted the OS (I can’t remember which it was). After that, the web interface went right back to being crazy laggy.

Tons of searching and experimenting later, I decided to install a clean Debian 8 OS and install MineOS on that. This worked great until I got the server migrated again. Same issue. So more and more searching and lot of threads read on this site. Nothing worked, until I read a thread by a server admin who had dynmap running on his spigot server. Well this sounded like my server, and hexparrot thought it had something to do with the fireworm portion of the code taking a long time enumerating the files on the server. Dynmap creates a ton of image files of course.

Armed with this as an idea for a test, I shut down my MC server, moved the dynmap jar and folder to a temp directory outside the server folder structure, then restarted MineOS and logged in. Lo and behold, the interface was super snappy and all functions worked! So with the server and MineOS running, I moved the dynmap jar and folder back into the plugins directory, and the interface has been happy ever since. It’s been responsive through multiple MineOS restarts, and OS reboots as well.

As I said, this won’t apply to all, but if you’re running dynmap with spigot, give it a try. It might work for you too, and hopefully this will help someone!