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I know time is of the essence so I’ll try to be as quick as possible. Is there any updated guide on users and groups for the webui itself and not the server?

I’m not much of a linux expert but I learn faster when I’m following steps rather than reading definitions and ideas. What I don’t understand is summed up like this:

I have root, mc and 2 other users under the games group. Root and mc can make a server while the 2 users can’t. Root can’t see mc servers, neither mc can root’s servers. Is there any way to make a tree setup so that the higher the rank the more servers it sees? I really don’t want to make the users have access to any other file than the servers themselves.

First off:
Root is not meant to be used. Root is a system administrator role, not a game administrator role. Root is only meant to be used to do deep system configuration. Forget root in your scenario.

I would suggest using the default mc user as the top level user in your scenario.

Why do you need several users? For a default MineOS configuration the MC user is good enough.

My advice:
go with the default configuration of only the mc user for now, until you learn more about being a linux administrator, and handling several users and groups. I for my part would not let my users in to my MineOS control panel, remember that this allows them to adjust things like memory usage.

To help you along on learning to handle users and groups in Linux (or ubuntu, debian, Turnkey, or whatever your *nix system is named) take a look at this page: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/36845/the-beginners-guide-to-managing-users-and-groups-in-linux/

MineOS do not it self handle users and groups. It lets the operating system handle that part.

The reason I want more users is that I’m taking care of this server with a buddy of mine. And the panel helps us alot more than just restarting the server, turning it off, using ssh again and so on. I also don’t want him to snoop around having root privilages.

I see.

Then you really need just one extra user.
The easiest solution is to leave the mc user for yourself, and make a new user for your buddy.

Use the following comands as your mc user: (The brackets ([ ]) is not to be included in the username you provide)
sudo adduser [username]

(then give all apropriate information asked for. If you do not wish to enter all that info, just press enter for each. The only thing you must provide is a password).

next use:
sudo usermod -a -G mc [username]
This adds your friends user to the mc user group.

He will now see all servers, and he will be able use ssh if needed. He will not be able to use root commands, as the new user you just made is not in the sudoers list (as it is called, the list over users who are allowed to use root commands using sudo).

Using sudo will also remove MOST of your need for the root user, as using sudo before a command asks the operating system to execute the command as a superuser. SUDO is a short version of “Super User Do” that the OS translates to “Do the following command as a superuser”.

If you have provided your friend the mc and root passwords you can change them with:
logged in to the mc user:
changing the root password: sudo passwd root
changing the mc password: passwd
(to change your own password (or the password of the logged in user) you only enter passwd without sudo or username)

I still recomend that you read up on user management (the link I provided in my previous post).


I’m already on it. Thank you very much for the explanation. Hope you have a great day!

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