WebUI Console and Stop Button Do Not Work

I setup a 1.13.2 spigot server and I can start it fine, but I can only stop it with kill (or in-game /stop) and the console doesn’t let me send commands. Any help?

I think that’s because the normal vanilla responds to /stop and ‘stop’. Or maybe just the latter. At any rate, I’m guessing spigot isn’t responding to 'stop`, which is what the button sends.

The button can only send one, and it defaults to what works with vanilla/most software installs. Unfortunately, there’s no way for the webui to know it should send one or the other, so you’ll have to just keep with killing (less preferred) or sending to the console “/stop” (preferred, and can be done from the webui, not just ingame).

Makes sense, but idk why my console doesn’t work with any commands. I had to manually put my info in the ops json because of it. The only commands in the webui that work are start and kill.