Web UI seems to have lost it's brain

Stopped the server and rebooted the physical machine. When it came back up, I accessed the WebUI and the server would not start. I noticed that it seems to have lost it’s server.properties and server.config files. They still exist, and I can read them via vim on the console, What gives?

Can you check what /var/log/mineos.log says?

Unfortunately the only thing in the log is from Aug 20th. There’s nothing past that date in the file.

Have you been doing any commands in the console/terminal–especially as root?

Server’s only appear for the users who own them. Check who owns your servers:

ls -la /var/games/minecraft/servers

If it shows that mc owns these servers–are you logging in as that user?

I generally attempt to do all my work in the mc user account. Root I only use for making system modifications when needed.

mc does indeed own the server, and that is the user account that is logged in both the shell and webui.

I’m -very- confused now. The issue resolved itself while I was at lunch. I came back and the server.properties and server.config files have returned on their own, and the server is running.

scratches head

Anyway… Thanks for getting back to me Hexparrot. I also want to thank you for MineOS in general. It’s honestly my first real foray into the world of Linux. I figured if I was going to learn, I might as well have an objective. And learn I have. I’m amazed at how well everything runs. If you’re ever in my area of Oregon, I’ll buy you a coffee/beer. :slight_smile: