Web UI opens but no logoff or reopen

Greetings all!
I’m running two servers presently, using the MineOS Turnkey in a VirtualBox VM. The server seemed stable with 1.8.8 vanilla, but now that I’ve added Spigot and three plugins, the WebUI (1.2.2) is acting up. I can log on to it once and can work with the servers but eventually something crashes (Cherrypy?) and I can’t log out or restart the WebUI.

When I log in as root via the Shell In A Box, I get messages as follow below. The servers are still running. I can access Shell In A Box and Webmin but not the WebUI.

Edit: I just realized that it was exhibiting this behavior before I set up Spigot, even with the vanilla server. Is this a VirtualBox issue?


Message from syslogd@core at Aug 30 05:58:50
kernel:[ 7312.038457] Code: 05 e8 e3 41 14 00 c3 f0 81 2f 00 00 10 00 74 05 e8 b4 41 14 00 c3 b8 00 00 01 00 f0 0f c1 07 89 c2 c1 ea 10 66 39 d0 74 07 f3 90 <66> 8b 07 eb f4 c3 8b 17 31 c0 89 d1 c1 e9 10 66 39 ca 75 14 8d

Message from syslogd@core at Aug 30 05:59:18
kernel:[ 7340.036244] Stack:
Message from syslogd@core at Aug 30 05:59:18
kernel:[ 7340.037323] Call Trace:

Message from syslogd@core at Aug 30 05:59:18
kernel:[ 7340.038492] Code: 05 e8 e3 41 14 00 c3 f0 81 2f 00 00 10 00 74 05 e8 b4 41 14 00 c3 b8 00 00 01 00 f0 0f c1 07 89 c2 c1 ea 10 66 39 d0 74 07 f3 90 <66> 8b 07 eb f4 c3 8b 17 31 c0 89 d1 c1 e9 10 66 39 ca 75 14 8d

I would presume maybe so? MineOS Turnkey is Turnkey Linux, but the webui never touches the kernel. If you’re getting kernel messages, it would be beyond the webui programming, and to my best guess also unrelated to vanilla or spigot.

I wish that stack trace meant more to me…it seems like a vbox issue with Linux, but again…I don’t have much to go on with that kind of output.

I guess I’ll play with the virtualbox settings then. I used the MineOS wiki to set it up, but any suggestions where to start?



I thought I’d post an update. This may need a new topic / moved / I dunno… Anyway, there appears to be an issue with CherryPy and multiple processors. I’ve found bits and pieces but no real resolution. I seem to have verified the issue though.

Dell Poweredge 2900, Duel quad-core Xeon 2GB processors, 40GM memory, RAID I with Ubuntu 15.04 and VirtualBox, RAID V with the VirtualBox drives.

MinOS is running one or two servers with low usage (i.e. not more than three players right now) in a VirtualBox with 16GB of memory.

  • With four processors set in the VB, the WebUI crashes regularly.
  • With one processor, the system was stable for 72 hours.
  • Back to four processors and it crashed almost immediately.

Right now I’ve got it set for six and we’ll see what happens. If it doesn’t stabilize, I’ll work my way back to one.



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Are you sure you’re using the Cherrypy based webui? Only in the newer, node-based webui does 1.2.2 appear, as in the old Python-based one, it showed the git commit instead.

So it likely still is a processor count issue, but not likely a Cherrypy one. Does /var/log/mineos.log show anything about the crashes?

The strange thing is that even if somehow the webui is failing with multiple processors, is why it’s producing kernel debug output to the console. The webui runs in user-space and the kernel runs in kernel space, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t code a bug that could cause the symptoms you’re experiencing if I tried.

One venue we might also want to explore is using not MineOS Turnkey. The developers of Turnkey may (reasonably) have decided that full support for multi processors to the degree you require is not something necessary for the bulk of Turnkey installs. This means you might have better success running something like stock Debian or Ubuntu Server and installing MineOS atop it. something to consider.

My mistake! Yes, I’m using 1.2.2. I missed the switch from CherryPy. (Of course I wouldn’t know the difference anyway.) I was thinking about trying the WebUI with Ubuntu anyway. The cool thing about virtual machines is that it’s not a challenge to do so!

FYI, the system hung quickly with five processors. I pulled it back to five but expect it to hang.


Just a quick follow up: the system appears to be quite stable on one processor, but any more that that and unhappiness ensues! I’m taking Hexparrot’s advice and moving to a VM install based on Ubuntu 15.04. (And fighting with it but I will win. :slight_smile: Thanks HP!

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