Web GUI from MineOS machine

Hi there - I think this is a daft question.

My stand-alone machine running MineOS: Can I install chrom(ium) on this to view and access the GUI?

For some reason I’m really having trouble. I guess MineOS is a slimmed down version of linux, my admittedly limited experiences with Linux aren’t helping me here!

Thanks for your help!


MineOS is a server platform, rather than a desktop one, so installing a browser to it requires both the browser and potentially a GUI, which is antithetical to the headless server Minecraft (the game) works well with.

To access the GUI, you can use any computer on your server’s network, connect to your host via the IP with https://ipaddress:8443. That is, you have full access to the GUI, but it should be done remotely–whether this is a second machine (like where you play Minecraft on), or even your tablet…those would be the preferable options.