Wake on Lan not working

Iā€™m running MineOS Turnkey on a HP Compaq DC7800P vPro. I enabled WoL in the BIOS and forwarded port 9 and 7 UDP on my TD-W8960N modem-router.
Everything looks fine with Ethtool:

Supports wake-on: pumbag
wake-on: g

I then tried http://www.depicus.com/wake-on-lan/woli.aspx, http://www.wakeonlan.me/ and Aquila WOL.

None of these worked.
Ubuntu is installed on another partition with GRUB
What is wrong with my setup? :confused:


Personally, I have successfully setup the wake on lan/wan on my MineOS Turnkey.

This is really not a MineOS issue, but a Turnkey linux issue. You could post in forums there, or on unix.stackexchange.com

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