Updating whitelisted usernames


is there a way to quickly update usernames on the whitelist? (username change, security, etc.) I’m using a MineOS install on a TrueNAS Core system.


in server console use:

whitelist add (username)

(swap (username) with theusernames you wish to add)

I already have about 17 users whitelisted. What I’m asking is if there is a way to update these usernames through the console without messaging these users. When users join I can see their previous and new usernames, but it never updates them in the list. I want to know how to do this quickly and efficiently.

I’ve not looked at the whitelist file or used white lists. But a quick search found that it’s a json file that uses the user’s UUID and name.

Linux will let you create a script file, and with commands, can append/add the ID/names you’d want. What that would look like is a mystery to me as I don’t do much coding.