Unraid WebUI Trouble

I had a working MineOS-node docker on my Unraid server for a few years, but today I tried to log in to my MC server and it seemed to be down, though the Dynmap was up.

I tried logging into the webUI and was getting an error; I assumed the docker container had been broken somehow (I’ve had LOTS of issues with it in the past few months).

The container I had was no longer listed on the Unraid Community Applications page, probably because it was no longer supported.

I have now installed Binhex’s binhex-mineos-node container, and passed it all the same settings as my previous container (basically just server data path).

However, Firefox is giving me a “Secure Connection Failed” and not allowing me to access the webUI AT ALL. The WebUI is being stupid and trying to force HTTPS connections. Attempting to connect to HTTP gives a “Connection Reset” error.

Google Chrome is able to access the webUI, but it gives me an error first and I am required to “Continue Anyway”. I don’t remember having to jump through these hoops on my previous docker container.

I have tried editing /usr/games/minecraft/mineos.conf and /etc/mineos.conf but the container is resetting /etc/mineos.conf/ every time the container is restarted, defaulting to HTTPS.

How do I configure the container so I can just… Y’know, access the webUI without problems?