Unmanaged Backups

I set up an FTB Infinity server following the DW guide (thanks again for that). I have daily archives set up which work fine and show up in the GUI. When I tried to generate an initial backup manually it indicated it was successful but the GUI listed 0 backups.

in /var/games/…/backups all the contents in /var/games/…/servers had been copied over along with an rdiff-backup-data file which had error_log.2015-04-16T11:51:23Z.data in it. That is the time stamp for the manual backup. The error log has nothing in it.

I was wondering if this is because it’s an unmanaged profile or did I make a mistake somewhere?


When you say you did a ‘manual’ backup, do you mean you did so yourself via the command line? Or do you mean you just pushed the button from the web-ui?

Manual via the button on the GUI.

I enabled backups every six hours and the rdiff-backup-data directory had the following files in it for each backup occurrence, including the one I did myself. These are the ones for midnight (00:00).


The error logs seem to be empty. I’m not sure about the other ones. It seems like the backups are being done, but the web-ui still shows zero.

Odd, can you verifyall those files inside /var/games/minecraft/backup/ are owned by the expected user, e.g., mc?

It should be automatically, provided that you’ve only ever done stuff from the web-ui, but sometimes there are small oversights when we do stuff as root. Other than that, I’d chalk it up to a parsing error on my scripts, but why it would come up for you and so few others means it has to be a strange edge case I’d probably have to get a bit more information for. We’ll see after your reply

I have the backups and archives symlinked to a thumb drive.

The ownership of the symlink is root but the archives and backup files on the thumb drive are all mc. The archive function is working fine, so I don’t think the symlinks are the problem.

Outside of the initial setup I try to do all the work from the web-ui as opposed to the command line.

Since the archive function is working I’m not overly concerned, I wasn’t sure if this was a known issue or something new so I thought I’d let you know.

Am I the only one backing up to a flash drive or external drive?