Unlimited log entries

Is there a setting to turn off having to refresh to see all the lines when the server generates too many lines?
This usually happens at start up, so I need to see live that everything goes well.

Unfortunately, there’s no current setting for turning off the refresh.

Right now, it’s tuned to 160 new lines in 2 seconds, which is a sustained average of 80 lines per second–which is a lot of output.

This rate-limiting had to be implemented because some servers were easily able to produce this 80 lines per second for a longer period of time effectively rendering the webui inoperable. And of course, an inoperable webui (with the browser memory footprint inflating to oblivion) would be less useful than just not being able to see the lines from the start.

So there are a few things you can do:

  1. you can manually tune that number up from 80 in the javascript.
  2. you can make the sustained duration longer than 2 seconds
  3. you can view this file outside the webui.

Since this idea was implemented because I worked with some Forge servers that were producing over 100 lines per second for the first dozen or more seconds, I set these limits at what I think can safely allow as many servers as possible to have live logging available without having any servers become inundated with the throughput.


I see now, tyvm for explaining. I think I will increase the number just a bit.

I can’t seem to find the mineos-node folder… XD
Would you mind pointing me towards it?

The files you’re looking for are in /usr/games/minecraft/html/js.

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Thank you very much!