"Unable to find a medium Containing a live file system"

When attempting to install the turnkey OS. Im met with "mounting /dev/sdb1 on /cdrom failed: No such Device. And /init: Line 3: cant open /dev/sr0: No medium found. And once it spams the same text over and over about 40-50 times it stops and reads (initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system.
Figured I’d also try loading it on an install of Ubuntu 20.04 but i got about half way through the steps and it just wouldn’t load the mineos process correctly. But that’s off topic. If their is already a post about this with a solution that might help me please link it.

How did you burn the ISO and boot up? It almost seems like the image you’re using is corrupt. Are you using a bare metal box or a virtual machine? Is this on a disc or flash memory type device?

Its a standalone computer. With a Xeon. I used rufus 3.11, universal usb installer. And a few others. And its on a usb stick. Its 32gb its usb 3.0 its only a couple months old.

And its not just the latest version. Ive also used the older versions and it does the same thing

Have you used a different port, possibly a 2.0 port. Also some flash drives have issues with boot images. Sandisk is a good example as they use multiple partitions., If you have another drive, try that.

Ive tried all the ports on the machine ive tried 4 different usb drives and the machine has usb 1.0 and 2.0 only.

Have you burnt the image onto a disc yet?

I dont believe i have any disks i can burn it too.

Can you setup a virtual machine and test the image?

Give me one moment.and i can do that.

The image works in VirtualBox flawlessly

What are your system’s specs?

I run a Xeon W3520 12gb of ram and its a proprietary motherboard from HP

Are you running this on a server box, or a consumer computer?

Its an Old workstation pc from HP. its a consumer pc i suppose its a Z400

Have you reset the BIOS to make sure that “live boot” isn’t disabled? If this is a retired “enterprise” device, this feature may still be active.

There isnt an option in the bios for live boot

MineOS Turnkey is a customizable variant of Turnkey Core, an enormous collection of self-container applications.

MineOS Turnkey itself is Turnkey Core packaged with the MineOS webui, with no aspects of the hardware support or kernel options modified. It could just be that your particular hardware isn’t covered with Turnkey (and then it would stand none of the Turnkey apps would either), or it could be that RUFUS isn’t happy converting over whatever boot sectors are involved in the Turnkey Core iso.

At any rate, it should be abandoned immediately to continue using the Turnkey ISO. There are many, many distributions whose support for old hardware and iso-to-usb incompatibilities are fewer.

I understand that installing “manually” by running all the scripts might sound daunting, but I already feel confident that addressing how to get MineOS working on Ubuntu would happen quicker than figuring out this pre-installation troubleshooting.

Thats the thing. I tried getting it working on Ubuntu but i got through most of the installation when the commands i had to run just didn’t give me an output saying they where ran successfully or even an error i couldn’t start the MineOs.process or anything just acted as of i pressed enter to move the command line down to create a space or something.

Anything for TPM or disk boot sector protection?

I had a similar thought, but the kernels are built off the prior architecture. I’ve also tried to get the “manual” method to work but got stalled near the last two steps.