Uh oh! Archive attempt failed a few seconds ago

I get this error when I try to make a archive via WebUI, backups and all other features seem to work fine. ./mineos_console.js -s Survival archive don’t finish and no error sometimes. My first attempt of rebuilding my Survival server lasted about 7 days. 3 days after I started using dynmap again. The second rebuild I used the new files from a creating a new server and edited them.

Ultimately, MineOS really only invokes tar for you, so if errors are cropping up (or unexpected behaviors), one easy way to find out is to create an archive manually–that is, just ignoring MineOS functionality until we can pinpoint the culprit.

Here’s what MineOS does:

var filename = 'server-{0}_{1}.tgz'.format(self.server_name, strftime('%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S'));
var args = ['czf', path.join(self.env.awd, filename), '.'];

Or put into normal commands:

cd /var/games/minecraft/servers/Survival
tar czf /var/games/minecraft/archive/Survival/server-Survival_2017-12-14_11:57:00.tgz .

(be mindful of the . at the end.

But even the filename and location are inessential:

cd /var/games/minecraft/servers/Survival
tar czf ~/mybackup.tgz .

It will either succeed or fail, but the errors will be brought right up to your screen, and then we can figure out why it’s failing in general.

root@core /home/mc# cd /var/games/minecraft/servers/Survival/
root@core servers/Survival# tar czf /var/games/minecraft/archive/Survival/server-Survival_2017-12-14_11:57:00.tgz .
tar: ./New+World: file changed as we read it

Stopped server and re-ran and got not errors
root@core servers/Survival# tar czf /var/games/minecraft/archive/Survival/server-Survival_2017-12-14_11:57:00.tgz .
root@core servers/Survival#

I ran create a new archive from WebUI and it work this time. I know Survival is the server that has been causing all the issues with WebUI, It seems to be fixed now, will know more in a few days.