[Tutorial] PreBuilt Minecraft Servers Project [Updated Oct. 4, 2015]

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  • Quick Summary: Hello all, just wanted to let you know that there’s a PreBuilt Server project on SourceForge that I started on May 11, 2014 (it did exist before that, just not on SourceForge). This was originally intended for people who are new to hosting Minecraft Servers (generally people who don’t exactly know how they can create their own server) and/or don’t have enough system resources to host a server. The SourceForge project has servers as far back as 1.6.4 and are split up into different “Seasons”. The current build (at the time of this writing) is version 134 in Season 6, which runs on core Minecraft 1.8.8 with full support for Minecraft 1.7.X clients. While it does state support as far back as 1.5.2, it is recommended that you only use 1.7.X/1.8.X clients, as the support for older clients is experimental and and generally ends up with frequent disconnects (only affects people on pre-1.7 clients, which means if 9 people are connected on 1.7.X clients, 7 on 1.8.X clients, and 3 on pre-1.7 clients, only those three people using pre-1.7 clients are affected by bug)

Here’s a link to the SourceForge page if you’d like to check it out:

And here are links to my Official Site: www.jm36.tk | www.jaymontana36.tk
Direct Site Link: https://sites.google.com/site/jaymontana36jasen/
(At the time of writing, I am currently in the process of redesigning my site from scratch on my spare time, so the site currently is semi-empty for now, however if you have suggestions please tell me!)

Steps required for usage on MineOS (copied from README file included; these steps are for the legacy WebUI however the steps are very similar for the new WebUI)

 - Starting Server on Linux (using MineOS Web UI) [Recommended Method For Linux | Featured Method]
 - - Step One: Preparing the PreBuilt Server's Required Files for use:
 - - - Simply copy/upload the downloaded ZIP (that you extracted this file from) into the "/var/games/minecraft/servers/import" directory of your server.

 - - Step Two: Preparing to use JM36 Pre-Built Servers with the MineOS WebUI:
 - - - Navigate to your MineOS WebUI, authenticate if needed, then click on Create Server from Archive. Click import next to the archive name, enter a server name, then let it install. Once done, click on Manage Profiles, Create Custom, then for ProfileName type in "JM36" change type to unmanaged, and set jarfile to run to "JM36.jar" then Proceed to next step. *IMPORTANT NOTE* Depending on the amount of RAM your system has, you may want to increase or decrease the amount of RAM used by navigating to your new server, then selecting server.config and changing the "java_xmx" value from 1024 (1GB) to your desired value.

 - - Step Three: Starting up your new server (you should know how to do this):
 - - - Goto your Dashboard, select your new server, then click "Start". Note that the first startup will take awhile before it's ready to use, as it downloads missing files as well as generates configs.

How to set ranks (using the pre-created ranks within the included permissions system, also copied directly from the README file included)

Integrated Permissions System: PermissionsEx/PEX ~ Comes with a few pre-defined ranks which are Member, VIP, Trial, Mod, Admin, Co-Owner, Owner.
Once the server has finished starting up, type in "pex user <player> group set Owner" in console to set yourself as Owner.
To add players to other ranks, enter "/pex user <player> group set <rank>" as a player, as console, drop the "/" in the beginning.

Good Luck+Have Fun!