Trying to get rid of Mineos LVM

I installed MineOS with a LVM and according to the Lubuntu installer it seems to take up almost my whole drive. So now, how would I get the LVM off my drive? I don’t really care if this isn’t a LVM as I want to fully switch to Lubuntu.

LVM is a function of storage partitioning. There’s no “MineOS LVM”, but simply MineOS (a bunch of files) and LVM (how operating systems would know to store/arrange files).

Literally any Linux installer would ask if you want to redo the partitions, and in doing so, would clear out LVM.

I found that I can erase the drive. It says there are 3 drives which are the usb stick, the ssd, and mineos. I chose mineos and then it says I can erase the drive. But then when I click install it brings up a error with partitioning and crashes.

I think it has something to do with unmounting mineos since I looked a bit in the lubuntu manual but now how do I unmount mineos? (Lubuntu manual:

If you’re booting from a bootable media that media will show up as MineOS.So the MineOS parition you wish to unmount is the Install media…

Here are some photos of my problem.

I might recommend using the MineOS Turnkey installer (or at least, literally any other installer than you’re using right now).

Even though MineOS is installed on a partition, Turnkey (or Debian) has no capability lock down a storage device. It very simply cannot–it’s not something that non-running code can do.

But what we’re seeing in your screenshots is that whatever installer you are using is detecting this LVM, and going an extra step and mounting it. Mounted drives cannot be partitioned.

The MineOS installation media would be able to show you a partition manager without mounting it. Likewise, almost every single Linux distro I’ve ever used (and also all rescue distributions) simply display the existence of LVM, rather than mounting it.

TL;DR Literally use any other installer or don’t drop into a graphic interface for Lubuntu. If you’re not in a graphic interface (desktop), the installer likely won’t mount it–and you’ll be able to erase it.

So I can use the mineos installer to unmount mineos? Or can I install lubuntu with the mineos installer?

You can use the mineos installer to delete LVM partitions.

Only your Lubuntu graphic-based installer seems to do the extra step of mounting it in the first place. No other installers do that, so no other installers would need to unmount it.

Like I said earlier, in all likelihood, any installer that doesn’t drop you into a full desktop is likely to delete LVM partitions (because those installers would also not mount LVM partitions).