Trouble with lag

I’ve recently brought home a dedicated server to run a server with my friends using MineOS installed on a VM.
We are sadly experiencing loads of lag. Food takes several seconds longer to eat, it’s almost impossible at times to fly with elytras, and when we are 4 or more people online it’s almost unplayable as blocks start to respawn and similar things. I’m completely new to Linux and MineOS so I have no idea how to fix this.

The computer runs with 44GB of RAM and it uses two Intel Xeon E560 2.4GHz.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Minecraft 1.14 has a really bad lag issue all over. Rumours say it will be better in the next update (1.14.1). There is nothing MineOS can do about badly written and optimised java server software from Mojang.

This happens also with people not using MineOS to host Minecraft servers.

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Oh okey it was as I suspected then thank you for the quick answer :smiley:

1.14.1 released, and promises optimailztion. Update your profile list, download the new version, and use for your server.

To update the profile list:

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