Trouble Getting Profiles For my server

I opened up minos today after awhile and opened my profiles and set all values to show all and there are only 3 profiles showing Up and 3 of them I have already downloaded and arent functioning for my server! I have MineOS turnkey is its any help and internet isnt a problem I have this on a small computer and I am accessing it through a virtual enviornment im i sure there is nothing wrong please help!

hi 420BlazeWalker,

please see this page under “resetting scripts” and “updating scripts”:

report back here if your results have improved your profile list, or not.

by the way, what were the 3 profiles you d/l that all did not work?



The profiles were BuildTools-latest Third-party Pocketmine build PaperTools-latest and where exactly do you submit these commands?

hi 420BlazeWalker,

um, that would be at the command line user interface where you would log in as root or mc.

@iMelsom is your man for pocketmine etc.

good luck!