Switch from mineos to minos node

Is it easy to switch from using mineos to mineos node while keeping existing servers?

Goal is to easily be able to add a pocket mine server


Short answer, no.

While it’s rather easy for me to document the steps and outline how to remove the existing web-ui (python-based), I’m encouraging anybody who wants to use mineos-node to do so on a fresh server, importing existing servers through the archive/import features available.

mineos-node has been out for a while now–and is being used as production by many people, but I don’t consider it ready to replace the python web-ui until I can get some feedback from these users about their long-term experience. There’s a lot riding on the line if I push mineos-node out on an ISO and there are issues that crop up for the most simple tasks. In the meantime, I’d recommend just deploying mineos-node in a VM and see if it is easy for you to get pocketmine up and running–if it is, then that’s exactly the kind of story I need to hear to know that it is ready for full adoption.