Store and run servers from a different disk then your os

I would like to roll out and store servers on like my raid array and not on the same disk as my there a way to do this?

You’ll want to symlink the servers directory to your other location.

how would i do that?

Configuration files already allow you to do this: mineos-node/mineos.conf at master · hexparrot/mineos-node · GitHub

That said, a symlink is indeed a sufficient solution for this problem, as well. Symlinks are fairly straightforward, so I encourage you to look into how it might be done–simply providing you with the one-liner ln command would be a great disservice to the opportunity for you to learn (and implement, and reinforce learning) how this works.

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You would also want to auto mount your drive using fstab.

ok once i get the system working. ill look into this.