[SOLVED] Server starts, says -1 players, stops

I am trying to move a modified DW20 server from a windows server configuration onto mineos. I have set up an unmanaged profile with the forge jar file listed, and added it to the profile folder, (I also added the minecraft server and libraries folder to be on the safe side). I then update the profile and a checkmark appears in the ‘ok’ spot.

I then created a server and added all of the files/folders from windows to ‘/var/games/minecraft/servers/DW20’. All file transfers are using WinSCP. The problems begin when I try to start the server in the webui. It says the server is online with -1 players for ~30 secs then it goes offline again, the console says that the server started successfully, and if I try to start it before it goes offline I get the “you can’t start a running server error” but I can start it again after it goes down.

If I start the server in the command line, it runs fine, but I don’t want to have to use the command line and bypass all of the advantages of mineos in the first place.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss as to what to do next.

Have you checked the server logs to see the reason why the server jar might be stopping? The culprit is probably in latest.log.

In addition, when you ran the server from command line–what user did you use? If you ran it (even once, accidentally) as root, you also could have accidentally mis-owned the files to root, which would make all subsequent attempts from the web-ui fail.

I ran one iteration as root, but subsequently deleted that server and readded the files to a different server folder. Would running one server in the minecraft/servers folder mis-own all the servers?

Edit: I looked through the logs, and the ‘latest.log’ file is still referring to the last time that I ran the server in windows.

Running anything as root is always salvage-able, you simply need to chown -R mc:mc /var/games/minecraft

This blanket chown assumes you only use one user: mc. If not, do it individually, with all the corresponding servers in servers, archive, backup.

What do your logs say about the server starting and stopping?

All of the logs are still referring to the last time that I ran the server in windows.

Edit: I ran the ‘chown…’ command in CLI and the server is not shutting down this time.

Use top. Does it show who the process owner of the open java/screen instance is?

Rebooting the server should sufficiently end this process too. What do you see is actually running? And what was the command (and user) that you ran when you started the server (the ones that’s still up now)