[SOLVED] Second server times out

Hey I have created a new server first I did the Snapshot and thought that was faulty so I changed it all and went back to it and cloned my server and changed its port to 25567 like I always do on my demo servers and still no go it times me out when I try and connect via minecraft, the port is there in Lan/port but but I unable to connect and yes I have the ports open to the server I have a big range of ports from the 2556x range open.

Any ideas why its telling me to go away, I ran run these find under windows.

Your Windows boxes didn’t have firewalls, which might explain why it seems like things work much more immediately in that environment than in Linux. Of course, the more things are accessible like this, the less secured they are.

In Linux, the most popular firewall is iptables, which is also what is used by default with MineOS Turnkey. You can find more about iptables in the MineOS wiki about firewalls.

I understand you’re not all that familiar–or comfortable–with command line, but unfortunately it is unavoidable. Command line is precisely what you’ll need to get better with if you wish to embrace and reap the benefits of resource-conscious Linux servers.

Sadly I have my limits and getting better with this wont happen, not to sound lazy, I used to program myself but with other health problems its made life little harder, I will give that wiki a read, does the Webmin have access to the IPTables or a modual do you know ?

I willy to fall over the command line at times but would rather have means not to when I have to.

Thanks I was able to use the shell options in Webmin to open the port temp I not saved it as I only doing it as a test.