SOLVED Not able to access files / upload of a world not possible

I recently installed mineOS via the apt-get on a basic installation of debian. Now I already got my own world and I want to upload it to the server. But when I try to upload the files I am just getting error messages. I try to upload into the following path: “/var/games/minecraft/servers/test”
one of the error messages:
Directory /var/games/minecraft/servers/test/sls/DIM1/data: no such file or directory

I am logged into the system with a new created account. I can’t log in with the root username, even though I edited the sshd_config file and added the yes to PermitRootLogin
I am new to Linux and mineOS, so please be patient with me.
edit: I reinstalled mineOS using turnkey this time now it’s working fine.