[SOLVED] NMP missing on MineOS Turnkey Jessie

Hi all,

I am attempting to update the scripts on a freshly installed MineOS Turnkey Jessie x64. I am following the instructions Here on the wiki.

My problem is that when I run “npm install” it says “bash: nmp: command not found”.

I checked and nodejs is installed, but I cannot find nmp anywhere on the system with a “find / -name nmp”

I am not really sure what to do now.

Are you sure you typed N-P-M? Your result suggests you typed N-M-P

LOL @ Sir hexparrot!

I have done this myself several times!

nmp instead of npm.

Seriously You have no idea how much of a moron I feel like right now…But thank you for not laughing to hard :slight_smile:

laughing with you brother (or sister), not @ you ROTF!