[SOLVED] MineOS Scheduling - backups working, restarts not working


I’ve just moved to using MineOS-Node after using the older version of MineOS for the past year.

I’m trying to recreate the schedules I had from my previous install.

I was able to get backups running successfully every 30 minutes. (Cron expression: 0 */30 * * * *)

What I’m not able to do is send a console message and initiate a server restart at a specific time everyday. I’m trying to send a message everyday at 1:10am (using this expression: 00 10 01 * * *) but nothing happens. The restart I want scheduled for 1:15am and I’m using a similar expression (00 15 01 * * *) but this doesn’t trigger either.

Any ideas? Do I have the expressions in the correct format? I’ve tried without leading zeros and it doesn’t make a difference.

Apparently this is working for me after all.

For some reason my times are off. I set the timezone using the command line tool. Maybe that didn’t work. I’ve now tried setting it again through the web-admin tool. Good news, is my FTB Infinity server can be restarted nightly. Worse case, I need to offset the restart time by a few hours to get it to restart at the time I want.

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Thank you for following up with this. I spent some time today looking at this cron but I didn’t discover anything new–the cron module of nodejs seemed to accept the values and worked much like I expected. But indeed, the time zone is an important part of having the actions happen when you expect, so thank you for letting us know so it might help others in the future.