[SOLVED] FTB Server won't start


I’m running MineOS on my FreeNAS and I’m having some trouble getting a FTB server up and running.

The issue is that when I press “Start” on the server, a green bubble pops up which says, “start [success]”, but the server never starts.

I quickly setup a vanilla server using the prebuild stock profiles and I got a server working.

Profile settings:

Server config:

What am I doing wrong?

Thankfull for any help

Ran the following command: sh FTBInstall.sh
and let it run and after that the server started

I think someone has written on here how to run FTB infinity. I believe you have to run start.sh and not the jar but beyond that I don’t know.
Try this

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Thanks for the info

Will check it out and comment back how it went

Got it working, thanks!