[SOLVED] 1.11 - Do I have to import?

Hello all, I’m relatively new to MineOS. Do I have to import 1.11 to the profiles to get it to show up? Or will it eventually populate? If I have to do it, can someone point me in the right direction on how to go about this?

Once the new profile is in place, how would I go about updating my current server?

Many thanks!

Never mind, I found it. For anyone else looking, click the drop down at the Mc in the top right hand corner and choose select “Refresh Profile List” while on the Profiles page.

Then click the Download button to make it a profile option.


where is this, not sure if im dumb and cant find it, help please!

Start a new issue rather than revive an old, solved one. Starting a new issue (not marked “solved”) will assure more attention from the community.

That said, when you start a new issue, please provide us with any information relevant to your problem. We don’t even know, for example, whether you have a successfully installed webui. If you have, there’s a username in the top right of the webui which is what the OP clicked to make it work.

Again, do not continue this thread; please start a new one if you continue to have issues.