Severe Issues With Java and Installation

Whenever I try and install the most recent JDK8 edition of MineOS (node_jessie) I get medium not found errors. So I installed the x64 version of the JDK7 edition of mineos, and it loaded fine. It doesn’t work with any other version of forge past 1.7.10. So I try to update the java to JDK8, and it says that PKG isnt a bash recognized command. Can someone please help? (Im legit just trying to run forge 1.12.2)

Edit: When trying to boot the most recent, it throws “/init: line3: can’t open /dev/sr0: No medium found”

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem? I’m stuck with java 7 and the new version of mineos wont load onto the server

I’m not sure why this would show up at any point. That’s an issue that says “I can’t find the cdrom”, which isn’t something that any known MineOS installation would ever do.

I also don’t recognize PKG as a bash command. What command, in full, are you trying to execute? Do you have confirmation that you successfully installed and then booted from MineOS?


Command: pkg install -y openjdk8

I don’t know why it is spitting out that error, but it spits it like 200 times before saying that there is not live system to boot off of. I have downloaded the official iso from the website 4 times and used it with 3 different usb drives, using both either rufus or unetbootin (on all of them, I have tried really hard) and it still doesn’t work.

I guess I’m not at all sure where you got this command from.

No version of MineOS, I’m saying, uses pkg as the package manager.

What I’d recommend is use any other distro–not MineOS–set it up with Java using instructions you see that actually work, but then add the MineOS webui (the one component you care about) to that server.

Ubuntu server is often the most popular candidate, rather than trying so many times on the Debian-based MineOS Turnkey that I offer.

Ok thank you… Do you know why this happens so I can diagnose at least?

PS., when I enter “apt-get update” it returns with alot of 404 Not found Errors, and failed to fetch errors

Not with the information provided. If you said you’re able to get Minecraft to work, but not past a version, then you got it installed but I also don’t know where you got this notion of PKG as a command to use. There’s also no reason why a successful installation should reference sr0, the cdrom.

MineOS is two parts, the distro and the web interface. The web interface is what people actually care about for running Minecraft, but you’re using instructions and seeing errors unalike that what I would see if you were using the same distro I released.

So, what I’d recommend is to install a different distro, like Ubuntu server. There are hundreds of tutorials and installation vids and support forums for getting Linux running.

Once you know that it’s running, you can install the webui and use it just like if you installed MineOS Turnkey (and it worked for you).

But I’d emphasize to stop using MineOS Turnkey now, because who knows, it could be that your hardware isn’t supported by the ISO so I wouldn’t know how to go about fixing that. It’s just bizarre that you could get a server up and running with Java7 but then still get /init errors (which is part of booting a live disc, not an installed OS).

Different distro, same web interface. It’s designed to work on Linux, BSD, etc. There’s literally no downside.