Server that is running doesn't show in web UI server list

I have one server on my machine running mineos, it is set to run on start up. The machine has 6gb of ram and an i5, it is set up to use up to 4gb of ram for the server as it is the only server i plan to run. I have been running it about 3 weeks now with no issues. Today when getting on the web ui there is no server listed in the server list and it says 0 servers running, 0 players online, it has an uptime that is increasing and ram usage stats. The server is running, i can connect and play. SSH shows all the server files are still there and everything, Server is on 1.12.2 and the web ui is git commit d529e70.

Can you provide for me the /var/log/mineos.log file?

Also, you might want to restart your webui–this won’t affect running servers. It’s weird this behavior would come out of nowhere, but hopefully the log will tell us something.

I updated and restarted the webui shortly before making the post, it didn’t have any effect. What is the best way for me to go about sharing the log file with you?

You can direct message it to me here, or via my email, or post it in here if the errors are all the same and you can just copy/paste it here in the chat.