Server refusing connections

hello, I recently got my first minecraft server up and running. i loaded into the world, took about 6 steps, and then got booted from the server. I thought that was odd wo i went to the webui to check the logs and the connection was refused to the webui. i read in another thread that someone could putty into the server, so I tried that. connection refused by software. I have a bit of networking experience so I checked my modem/router to see if maybe the port was closed or the ip was black listed, no nothing there. so I pinged the server and had no packet loss. where I am going with this is that I am out of ideas. does anyone have any suggestions. thank you in advance.

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Update: I may have figured it out. I think the HDD i was using died. i went to logon to the server physically and an error was displayed on the screen that wouldn’t allow me to exit or anything. So, I rebooted the machine and the drive wouldn’t load anything, I will be replacing it with an M.2 SSD and rebuilding the server when it gets here.