Server Disconnects from Internet

I have the MineOS Turnkey installed on a PC connected to the internet via an ethernet cable. At seemingly random intervals players timeout from the server and the PC itself can’t connect to the internet. The server continues to run and everything seems to function normally after around thirty minutes have passed. Stopping the server doesn’t resolve the problem and although the start of these events may correlate with high CPU usage, CPU usage is typically very low for most of the outage and I can’t say for certain that is a cause. I can provide a copy of my instance and any logs if necessary, but Minecraft’s logs don’t seem to suggest anything on its end.

There could be many reasons for the server to disconnect.
Are you able to ping the server from the same network? Did you set this up with a static IP or DHCP? I recommend static, as it sounds like the IP lease expires.

Check the hardware and make sure that it isn’t overheating. Also check the cables and router settings.

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Intermittant and random errors like this is a pain to try to solve.

My thoughts:
Since you loose connectivity, and the server runs as it should although isolated, it seesm there is nothing software related serverside.

It may be hardware related. Could your network card or network port on your server be faulting?

  • if you have a spare network card, try that

Or could the port your servers is connected to on your switch be faulty?

  • Try connecting your server to another port on the switch, or on another switch entirely

Is your internet connection stable?

  • try using another computer on the network to access the Internet to check if your access is out or if it is just your server.

Is your switch set up with network prioritizing? Could it be blocking you rserver when it thinks you need network for something else?

Most of this is simply things you have to try to figure out where something faults.

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Sorry for the delayed response, I don’t know if this was a permanent solution but I ended up needing to register my MAC address with an obscure service the network administrators were running. Once I did that DHCP seemed to work just fine. Thanks for your help!