Server did not respond to request

I don’t understand this. When i want to start a server, a orange pop up with message “Server did not respond to request” pops up. I tried refreshing site, but with no luck. Can you help me?

In the profiles page, have you hit the ‘update’ button, to ensure that the corresponding server jar exists on your server?

It will be marked with a checkbox (rather than an X) if the jar is downloaded properly.

Can You programming something like a progressbar, actually we sit befor the Monitor and we see no status… its downloading or not, what the hell is it doing or not?

This has happened to me in the past, the web ui doesn’t respond or is very slow (like typing commands info console, clicking the stop, start, kill, etc). This can easily be fixed by hard reseting the web ui with the following commands (must be run as root):
cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git reset --hard origin/master

chmod +x
Sorry, I can’t quote it as I’m on mobile at the moment. But it’s happened to me in the past and hard resetting has fixed my problem (instead of reinstalling from scratch) but after doing the commands your web ui will be both updated and responsive again.


Or if not then that’s because you haven’t properly configured profiles; the simplest way would be to just upload the server jar to the server root directory (make sure there are no spaces in the filename, and by root directory I mean the server’s name under /var/games/minecraft/servers/[name]) and create a profile with the type being unmanaged, and put the jar’s filename in the appropriate area. Then it should be working.

If you create an unmanaged profile its best to upload the appropriately named jar in the profiles/“profile name” directory so you could reuse the profile and this is the way it should be done.