Scheduling issues and cron expression

I’m currently trying to setup scheduling… I want to backup and restart the server once a day.

This is what I have:

But it doesn’t seem to do anything. Is this the correct format?

It looks from the image like you haven’t actually started the cron jobs. The start and delete buttons are brigh, and not a more greyish opague, while suspend is the opposite. It can be kinda hard to see the colour difference, but it’s there ;D

This is how your image shows the buttons:

This is how they look in my server with active crons:

Have you pressed the start button to activate the cron jobs? If not do that :slight_smile:

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oh ffs… I guess I assumed it automatically started when I submitted it. Jesus haha, thank you XD

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I have similar crons set up as the original posters, but they are not running either. I have them set to run, with the suspend available to press. Is there a solution to this issue?