Ridiculous data usage of MineOS

I use, and have used MineOS for almost 3 years now, I don’t run a complicated set of servers, just some servers for friends and family. Recently, this month, over the last 20 days MineOS has used 450 gigabits of data, tracked using an Xfinity tool. All I do is host 1 server with no more than 12 players on at once, I actively update spigot but other than that nothing should be using data. Can I get some help on this, should I reinstall MineOS?

The only thing MineOS should ever reach out to the internet to use data for is profiles. That is, downloading the list of profiles and also the server software itself.

None of this should account for even close to a lot of transfer.

That said, you’re reporting 450 gigaBITs which corresponds to about 45 gigaBYTES. If this tool is correctly reporting 45 gigabytes of transmission, is that also an issue or just a mistake on the unit reported?

Which app are you using, I too have Xfinity and their MyXfinity app as well. That app isn’t as granular in defining data usage. There are, however, apps available to monitor from within Linux, and your router may also have a log as well.