Restricted Account to allow someone to just restart/stop a server

Hi i’m not sure if this can be done and i can’t seem to find anything similar on the forum.

But is it at all possible to make another user account where all they can have access to is restart/stop/start servers?
I am running github version (d9a604b) on latest debian.

I hope this makes sense



Unfortunately, because there is no real accounting done by MineOS in terms of user logins and permissions, limiting a user to just restart/stop/start is not possible.

It is possible to limit the creation of servers to certain users, however, which can nudge you in the right direction, but the users who are not whitelisted to create can still delete/archive/backup and change server.config,

I’ll take a look a little deeper and see if there’s a clean place to add such a constraint feature. It probably will get added code-wise here, but how it’ll be managed from an accounting standpoint (file that would indicate what users can do what features) is still unknown. I’ll have to see if I can make it a clean code change…after all, this is definitely more of a band-aid code hack than it is a nicely-thought-out permission model.