Raspberry pi 4 locks up after opening MineOS webui

Hi all - hoping someone can help me navigate how to troubleshoot this. I ran a Paper 1.16 for 10 months last year, very successfully from my pi 4 (4gb model). No problems.

Last week, I made a few upgrades in order to run a Fabric 1.17 world on the pi. First, I imaged the boot drive (SD card) to a new SSD. So now, I’m running the Pi off an SSD. I can’t seem to find any issues with that, so I’d assume that’s okay.

I also installed Java 16, in order to run 1.17. I successfully migrated our 1.17 world over to mineos, and am doing pretty well. I can manage and configure everything without problem in the web ui.

However, I noticed a pattern. The pi has been locking up and becoming unresponsive, for what seems like once a day this weekend. I just noticed today that it only happens when I navigate to the web ui. Here’s what seems to happen:

  • server runs great, for a day or so.

  • sometime the next day (10am one day, 2pm today), I go to the web ui page, and don’t see my server listed anywhere. At the same time, the pi becomes unresponsive. (I have pihole going too, so my internet goes down. I can tell this is when it becomes unresponsive because my DNS stops resolving at this exact moment).

  • I hard restart the pi by pulling the power, and everything works fine for a day…

I’m running Dietpi, latest version. I uploaded what’s inside /var/log/. I can’t find anything useful, but I guess I also don’t know what I’m looking for. I troubleshooted this in the Pi discord for a bit, but couldn’t turn up anything. Now that I’ve discovered this happens when I load the web ui, I figured I should come here.

Screenshot 2021-08-02 143103

Are you running a mapping software? Are those files generated inside the Minecraft live directory?

No, no mapping software. We’re running Fabric with carpet mod, worldedit, and some optimizations (Lithium & Starlight).

The screenshot I posted is just the pi’s internal log folder. The Minecraft directory looks normal, logs look normal. I can share any and all, if that’s helpful!