RAM Problem (Not booting on 4GB of RAM)

Hello i´ve got a problem
I´m running MineOS on my Raspberry 4B 8GB Model trough DietPi distro and i wanted to give my Minecraft server (on 1.16.5) more RAM.
When i give it just 2GB of RAM it runs just fine, but if i give it 4GB (assuming Linux would have plenty of remaining RAM) when i press start in WebUI it wouldn´t say UP it will just stay down (well sometimes it would but it wouldn´t give me any log and any RAM footprint)

I´m just hopeless
Thanks for any replies :wink:

How did you change the RAM amount? Or did you swap the SBC for the 4GB model?

#1 reason something stops at 4GB: using 32-bit something.

Is your DietPi distro a 32-bit or 64-bit version? Is your Java version 32-or 64-bit? If both aren’t 64-bit, this is your answer.

SBC is still the 8GB Model i´m just changing the Xmx value from 2048MB to 4096MB anithing above 2048MB will just not boot the server

Both the DietPi and Java are 64Bit distro or so i tought after reinstalling the whole DietPi software it just started working maybe it was from all junk i had there (by junk i mean OctoPrint etc.) tought i will see for how long it will work and i keep you updated