Questions about VMWare and VSDKs

I’ve poked around and couldn’t seem to find the answer to my issue.

I made up a server on a 20gb drive. After getting things running decided to ‘expand’ the drive to 100gb.
Learned of a ‘trick’ to adjust the main drive in linux on the fly with fdisk to move it up from 20G to 100G.

The server is still throwing errors about ‘not enough storage space’

I’m not real familiar with linux. I can follow instructions but lack the intellectual fortitude to actually troubleshoot an issue.

Does linux somehow make ‘virtual partitions’ that I don’t know about for each directory? If so, how do I adjust those.

Expanding a virtual disk is like popping another harddrive into your computer. it do not make your existing drives larger, and your OS needs to be told how to use it. Remember that even though you (and your virtual manager) know a virtual machine is virtual, the machine it self believes it is and behaves like it is physical.

You either need to reformat exisiting virtual drives to make them larger, or to make new (And larger) additional partitions. I recommend the latter, since the first basically wipes your system.

After making a new partition, you can use symlinked driectories to start using your new drives

Yeah, the symlink thing I have heard about. I just kinda gave up and redid the vm. Thanks for the input. Gives me something else to research on.

More info: Understanding Symbolic Links