Profiles aren't saved

Everytime I set up the profile for BungeeCord for example, when I go to the other servers that use spigot, they won’t start automatically because I have to pick the spigot profile again using the pop up Starting a new server (also it is selected by default the BungeeCord profile). This happens vice-versa, so I can’t just run through all the servers quickly by only pushing the start button…

EDIT: I just discovered that in server.config file, the profile always stays correct, while the jar line empties up…

Correct. It’s a UI issue rather than a technical one where the profile/jar do not populate with the actual chosen profile/jar. I ran into some issues trying to figure out how angular.js worked with dropdowns and populating them correctly.

Sorry for the confusion!

Is there any hotfix or workaround? I’m not sure how to set up the config file to be read only on linux, just like on windows :smiley:

Is a hotfix or workaround necessary? Once you’ve selected the correct jar/profile, you don’t need to adjust it ever again; it shows blank, but it’s not blank.

Left alone, the jar dropdown should not (and in my testing, does not) change the value within server.config.

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For some reason it actually does. Every time I change the server from Bungee to Spigot, the message pops up again. It only stays the same when moving around spigot servers. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug, I somehow started. But can’t seem to find a fix for it.

What message pops up again?

The one where you choose the profile, jar and java memory settings.

EDIT: Whenever I’m selecting a different type of server, it acts like I never set it up before.

EDIT2: I don’t know what happened or what I did, but now it seems to be working perfectly O.O