Problems importing existing world files via Node web-ui

I’ve been trying to import an existing world into MineOS Turnkey with Node web-ui and having problems. The world files are coming from a vanilla 1.8.8 and I’m trying to run same in MineOS.

The structure of the .zip I’m trying to import is as follows:


(obviously the subfolders in world are populated with content. The entire ZIP is about 900 MB)

I’ve logged into the webui as the unprivileged “mc” user. Immediately after the upload starts some items are added to the left navigation to view the server but obviously the upload is still in-progress. I watched “top” on the server and after Node.js CPU drops near zero I tried to start the server but I’ve run into a few issues:

  1. The dropdown on the right side to select “runnable jar” is empty even though I had downloaded the standard 1.8.8 jar using the web UI

  2. The server name is not displayed in the dropdown at the top

  3. Refreshing the page causes the left navigation items to disappear - it’s as though the server didn’t actually get created.

Does the server name appear if you Refresh Server List (option available from the pulldown if you click on your name, upper right corner?)

The runnable jar dropdown is empty–does that server jar exist in the server’s directory? If you simply downloaded it as a profile, you’ll also need to select the profile from the profile dropdown to make it show in ‘runnable jars’

Worst case, if you’re able to make a copy of that zip file, remove the /world directory (which should prune it down 99%) and send it to me, I can test it. Imports should populate the webui permanently and without refreshes, so it’d be nice to try to nail this down.