Problem with webui when using jsonapi plugin


When I use jsonapi plugin on my minecraft serveur the number of player diplayed in the webui/server status remains at 0.

I’ve other problems with displayed information but maybe not linked with the use of jsonapi plugin :

  • uptime is wrong (seens to start at 255:0:0)
  • when I refresh browser’s window (F5) I loose server status information, version, memory foot print

version : git commit: 9bc5b3f
I’m using chrome (but same isues with edge)

Thank’s for your help (I apologize for my bad english)



I’m surprised to be the only one experiencing this problem.
Are there any other user of jsonapi plugin (v 5.7.0 ) ?
To help me investigate, can someone explain to me how the webui retrieves the number and list of connected players ?

Thank you for your help

I’ve never really been asked about jsonapi from users, so I’m inclined to think there’s not too many MineOS users also using JSONAPI. That said, the first line of defense should always be to update the webui–yours is almost four months old.

You have more than one issue, but let me know which of these remain an issue after updating (and then restarting the webui process).

MineOS uses the official server ping technique to figure out server name, motd, players online. When query-enable is true, it can retrieve usernames as well.

upgrade done : git commit: 725932a

Without jsonapi everything looks ok
with jsonapi :
In “server status” the following information are false :

  • server status
  • player online
    and the following are empty
  • ping version
  • memory footprint
    Interaction player menu disappears

Thanks for the help

I answered too quickly .
in fact with jsonapi :

  • server status and memory footprint are finally ok
  • player online always displays 0/50
  • ping version is empty
  • “interaction player” menu is missing (?)

an idea ?
a test I could perform ?

The Player interaction is dependent on setting " query-enable" to true in the If this setting is not set true, the minecraft instance do not accept queries, and MineOS hides that part of it’s webui

Query is enabled (setting enable-query to true in, not query-enable ?)
query.port is set to a value different from that of jsonapi
if I disable jsonapi Player interaction reappears …