Odd error recognizing NIC card

Hello everyone, I’m a newcomer to the MineOS discourse board, but a long time MineOS user.

I have been running MineOS Turnkey x86 for about a year now on an older hp pavilion of mine and recently decided it was time for an upgrade. I bought a Lenovo think server TS140, popped in the SSD i was using with mineOS on it and things worked beautifully! However, I soon realized that i’d need to upgrade to the x64 version on my new server, but in doing so I got an error: no network adapter detected. I’m shocked because this very machine worked just fine with the 32 bit installation, but the 64 bit installation throws this error. Any ideas on how to fix this?

If you got an error with the NIC, if it’s onboard, try an add-in card. if youare using an add-in NIC card, then Idk. What I mean btw, is if you have an external ethernet card.

Thanks for your reply. I was using my computer’s built-in. I have now switched to ubuntu and I’m trying to use mineos through it.

Hi Jacob,

Allthough my answer goes a little bit beyond your question and the issues that you run into.
You could also consider to install for example Ubuntu server as your basic os.
And on top of that install a hyper-visor, like VirtualBox or similar.

On VirtualBox you can create a new VirtualMachine and install turnkey linux without any issues on that VM.

Added benefit, you can reboot your VM without actually rebooting your Hyper-Visor server. And if you need to upgrade again, you can just copy over your VM from your old hyper-visor server to the new one, without re configuring stuff within turnkey linux.

Hey, now that I look at this, if it’s 64 bit, then it will throw that error. You may have to download a driver for Linux for that NIC. Then maybe you can use it. The 32 bit version really works with any processor, and NIC.