New webui user - cannot see server lists

Hello! I am using mineOS Turnkey for administering my Minecraft environment, and I am the sole admin. When I log into the web UI as the user “mc,” or any other user, the list of servers never populates, but it works correctly if I log in as root. However, I don’t necessarily want to log in as root unless absolutely necessary. I would have to believe it’s something permissions-related, but I’m not sure which folder(s) to grant permissions to the mc user for. Anybody have any advice?

For reference, I tried the steps on the wiki link, but this appears to be outdated - last modified date of 2011, and the folder /var/www/hiawatha does not exist.

Thank you!

Your problem seems to be that you created all your servers with the root user, not the mc (or another) user. This means that mc (or other users) will not be able to access your servers due to access restrictions, since MineOS uses the underlying OS’s user management system.

You must change user and group for all servers to the apropriate users and groups.

Interesting - and yeah, I assumed this was a setup with the underlying OS.

To make the appropriate changes, could I add chmod permissions to the /var/games/minecraft/servers/ subfolders for each server? Or is there a recommended way to do this? Worst case I suppose I could archive them and then re-import the archives under a different user.

Thanks for the quick response!

You should be able to do it with the following command:

chown -R someuser:somegroup /var/games/minecraft/servers/*
chown -R someuser:somegroup /var/games/minecraft/archive/*```