New version of Minecraft not listed v1.10

On the old version, we were able to supply the link to download the newest version of vanilla minecraft. Now they are all listed under profiles, but v1.10 was released yesterday and I can’t update my server now (I updated webUI and it’s not in the list). Is there a way to manually add new versions, or do I have to wait for a new release?

It is there, but you may have to use the menu choice “refresh profile list” under the user pulldown menu (usually named mc) in one of the top corners.

(At least it showed up on my MineOS installation…)

Nevermind, I found the “refresh profile list” link under my logon. Thanks!


Spigot 1.10 has been released also, is there a way to refresh the buildtools to install Spigot 1.10 ?

refresh didnt update the buildtools options…

Spigot 1.10 annoucement