Network interface usage?

As the title suggests im interested in having a network interface monitor added to the web ui, so that I can monitor the server(s) bandwidth usage without messing with iptables and the like.

I don’t see any downside to this so let me know what you think and your opinions :slight_smile:

I found the player count and memory usage gauges so would be a case of adding a third for network usage, no idea on how to do it however

                                <!-- START Circular 1 -->
                                <figure class="stats circular stacked">
                                    <div class="gauge" data-bind="attr: {'data-percent': online_pct}" data-percent="">
                                        <span><span class="text" data-bind="text: online_pct"></span>%</span>
                                        <h4><span data-bind="text: capacity"></span><small>Players Online</small></h4>
                                </figure><!--/ END Circular 1 -->
                                <!-- START Circular 2 -->
                                <figure class="stats circular stacked">
                                    <div class="gauge" data-bind="attr: {'data-percent': memory_pct}" data-percent="">
                                        <span class="text" data-bind="text: memory_pct() + '%', style: {color: overextended() ? 'orange' : 'black'}"></span>
                                        <h4><span data-bind="text: mem_utilization, style: {color: overextended() ? 'orange' : 'black'}"></span><small>Heap Usage</small></h4>
                                </figure><!--/ END Circular 2 -->

Adding this to the webui from a JS/HTML perspective is relatively straightforward, but I think the harder part is getting the webui aware of the network I/O. Do you know where you intend to get/parse the server bandwidth usage values?

Could use quite a few things, I guess whichever is easier.

Take a look at a bit dated now however everything still works to my knowledge.

I presume this may be something a lot of people would like

A lot of people would like this information, true, but in the MineOS webui it would be far less sophisticated and incredibly less detailed than any of those options offer from their own interfaces.

Could you speculate what you could implement, even a ‘simple’ % of interface usage would be handy