My Server does not start!

So I have Mineos Turnkey, and i downloaded the 1.12.2 minecraft jar and selected it in the web-ui and i click the “Start” Button and the server does not start.

Any errors in the browser?

Can you provide /var/log/mineos.log?

After you select minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar in the webui, does the value stay or does it empty out to Change runnable jar to:?

Where can i find the /var/log/mineos.log?`i dont know much about mineos, im new

and the value stays minecraft_server_jar.1.12.1.jar

I found it: here the mineos.log

You’re evidently on commit: 0e45be7

This is from February 2016. Where did you get your MineOS installation from, an ISO? If so, please provide the URL.

You’ll then want to update the webui.

I got it from

I dont really understand how to update it, where do i need to pu the code and with one?

Oh, x86. The older ISOs with the older distro.

At any rate, SSH to your machine, elevate to root (su -), and then follow the instructions on that page.

Are you using 32-bit hardware? If you’re using 64-bit hardware, I really recommend you just download the x64 version instead. You’ll notice that the x86 (32 bit version) comes with Java 7, but the “current” one comes with 8, and will come with a more modern version of the webui AND of Linux.

I domt really know how to chek how much bit i have

I was googeling it but i cant find it, how to see with bit i have. Do you maybe know?

Ok so i was searching for about 6 hours if my server is 64bit and it says it is but i bought it used so im only 60% sure it is 64bit. Do you recommend my to install the 64bit MineOS? if yes, will removing everything of the HDD uninstall MineOS?

There are a few things you can check to decide 64bit or not:

  1. Age: Unless it is very old, It most likely is, since the 64bit processor for home use started becoming shelf-ware (although expensive) in -99:
  2. RAM: Did it come with more than 4Gb RAM? If it did it is 64 bit. 32bit systems do not have memory registers large enough to handle more than 4 Gb memory in total (including all caches and videocard memory…) :
  3. The processor in the machine: This is the one piece of hardware really deciding. This list can help you:

But as I stated: unless it is really old: it most likely is 64bit. A lot of computers sold with 32bit OS (windows) was really 64bit machines with a 32bit OS.

I really dont know, i have a hard time getting this to work :frowning:

Well, let’s start with this. Do you know anything about your processor? Does it have an Intel sticker on it? Does it have a model number that can be searched–or a brand? Very few computers will be 32-bit now. But also, this is a very, very rudimentary piece of information; you might have some real problems with understanding MineOS if you can’t tell what kind of hardware you have.

You don’t have to, but if you have more than 4GB of RAM, you’d want to.

Yes, this is an operating system reinstall.

Honestly, it won’t get much easier. You start with knowing what you have, and we’ll be able to chime in on where to go from there.

Re-installing MineOS isn’t necessary, but updating the webui is. And to run the 1.12.2 version of Minecraft server that came out, installing Java 8 is necessary. If you’re trying to run 1.12.1/1.12.1 and the server won’t start Java 8 is the issue.

In other words, installing the right 64-bit OS going to make life much easier, but it’s still LINUX, not Windows. Are you familiar with Windows? If so, you might consider having Windows host your Minecraft server without MineOS.

We’ll be here to help, but we can only do so much, of course.

No there is no sticker, i bought it used. It was really cheap. The seller dident give any info about if he replased parts. I only know, if he has not replaced parts then its the Intel pentium 4. An a pentium 4 has 64 bit. Im uninstalling the 32bit version right now, and try to install the 64bit version.

Yes i use it every day, on my PC but i will not give up! MineOS is such a great software its worth the time! Thanks for the help!

I installed the 64bit version and it works, server starts everything is working! Thanks for all the help!

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Future users!

The likely issue here was he was trying to run Minecraft 1.12.1 or later which requires Java 8, but the x86 ISO (now no longer updated) only came with Java 7!

There wasn’t an informative error, but as we saw, most hardware that will be servers will be 64bit, so this should be a non-issue.

So am I screwed? I only have 4 gigs of ram and an intel dual core?

Are you? We don’t know anything about your situation that we would say that, to.

Well, it’s an old machine…but if you don’t have high demands on your server, maybe it’ll work? I don’t know. This isn’t your thread, so if you need advice tailored around your situation, feel free to start a thread so we can address you specifically.

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