Moving Server From The Docker To Local - Noob Question

I currently have a 1.16.4 server running in the docker.
I have, via the web UI asked it to perform a backup… and a restore point.

Now here is my issue.
If I connect to the docker server using the 1.16.4 client all is well.
But if I copy all the files from the /backup folder on the server to my local machine then…
I find my inventory is changed and the enderchests are empy.

What am I missing. ?
Please help.

It sounds as though the backups don’t have the playerdata directory. Try sFTP to the live world folder and snag the playerdata directory and put into the local copy.

Or you could take the world directory from the live server and dump that into the local client folder.

Tried that… same issue.

It seems that the docker is using the unraid cache and I cant seem to get it to move it all.

Have you pulled the playerdata and examined it in NBT Explorer/Viewer? I don’t use any ‘NAS service, I can try on my VM and bare metal box (once I get that setup…)