Mineos WebGui very slow

Hi, i have trubble with my servers so when i use the webgui then its very slow.
I have many servers, the big thing is when i look on the logfiles. So i must reload the page 2-3 times and it will work not so god.
There are no error in the log.

  1. Numerous, high-file-count servers definitely can take a toll on the webui.

This should mostly be solved so long as you’re using the most recent webui (at least I believe it to be). Can you confirm your webui is updated to the most recent commit?


hi i have updatet all, but how can i check the version ?

Is there a limit of servers ?

Under the “hamburger menu” in the top corner you should see the build number

Other than hardware limitations MineOS should be able to run as many as you need. More servers lead to increased memory consumption and more active files, and modded servers even more so.

For lots of servers you need a fast computer with lots of diskspace and lots of memory. The total amount memory for all servers summed should not exeed the total amount of physical memory in you server.

example, MineOS with 8GB memory:
2 servers with 2GB max mem each + 4 servers with 1 GB max mem each = 6 servers with a total of 8 GB memory.

Since Java is notorious for not cleaning memory after it self, and your system also needs memory, following that rule of thumb makes sure you have enough memory for each server, and for your MineOS to have enough left to work in.

ok you meen b28c5be is this the version

from: https://github.com/hexparrot/mineos-node: Latest commit b28c5be

So you have the newest version

I have to plan install more ram on my network, the mc instances are not full with 8GB.