MineOS forum

The forum breaks often when trying to upload pictures and then kicks you out for like 20- 30 minutes each time it happens and its really frustrating to want to navigate like this. I have been trying to upload something for like an hour now.
Does not matter anymore i guess because i have decided to give up on that post.

Each time it happens then this will be a problem until it decides to let you back on.

The SSL for this website was renewed over the past two days. Since this error is reporting Secure Connection as being at the heart of the issue, can you verify that your SSL is not one that expired Feb 2, 2002, but instead will expire May 3, 2022?

Clearing any cache for this site or hard refreshing might be able to force the ssl update and presumably fix this issue.

Yep its the correct certificate.

What happens is when i go to add an attachment it will say some error like “the image is over 4mb” when that is not the case. It quite often happens when trying to attach more than one picture then the above error will happen this only happens with pictures and i have not experienced anything else abnormal with the forum.