Make a software RAID 1?

My PC that is running a dedicated MineOS OS does not support RAID 1 I would really love to set up a instant back up feature for my server in the case of hard drive failure which I had happen quite a few times in the past year and a half.
I have a 120 GB SSD I wish to have as the mirrored drive and I have a 250 GB HDD drive as a drive I hope to have it as main in the RAID 1 (The drive that will be copied from to the SSD.

Yes I am probably the first to ask this… (Im a nerd)

The standard MineOS ISO installation runs on a Turnkey Linxu distro. This forum post discuss Turnkey and RAID:

I’m just going to run the MineOS on a virtual machine inside of windows 10 and have windows 10 software mirror the disk to the SSD.